Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to set yahoo email parental controls

Yahoo! Parental Controls enables parents to place restrictions on what their children can do online and to know what their children are doing within those restrictions.

With Yahoo! Parental Controls, you can deny access to web sites of specific categories as well as to exact web sites. You can also restrict the people with whom your children communicate over Yahoo! Messenger or Yahoo! Mail to a list you approve. Each day, Yahoo! Parental Controls can enforce your decisions on when and for how long your child can connect to Yahoo! services.

You can also get feedback on what your children are doing online by setting up Yahoo! Parental Controls to send you a Report Card with each child's online activity for the past week, including the people to whom they send email or messages and the web sites they view.

Yahoo! Parental Controls also gives your children a means of negotiating with you. Your child can send you Permission Slips asking you to approve web sites they want to access or friends with whom they want to communicate.

Please read  Yahoo! Kids Parents Guide for more information and resources on safe surfing. To learn more about Yahoo! Family Accounts, see Yahoo! Family Accounts page.

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