Thursday, May 19, 2011

Android Parental Control Apps - complete guide

Parental control/adult content filtering app should be available for Android OS driven smartphones, especially as Android is being used more and more in phones, mobile devices, and computers.

If Google is supposed to be so 'open', why not allow users to download an app that can block much of the mature content that enters through youtube (which cannot be removed) or even now apps on the android market?

In short a few suggestions for parental controls that I think would go a long way are...
• A way to hide apps from the home screen.
• A requirement to type in a password (unless an individual chooses to not require this)
• Perhaps a fast, easy way to stop internet and android market access so my child can play his games without having us check every 30 seconds what he's up to.

The best free Android Parental Control App that i could find is from smartappcloud
You can check the reviews , download this app and find some basic instruction on  and do not forget to check the its official facebook fan page.

A complete guide to above mentioned android parental control app

1- Define your admin password.

2- Select "Modify Restricted Apps List" at Configuration page.

3- Select the apps that you may decide to restrict by tapping on them.

4- Use back button to go back to Configuration.

5- Tap on the apps on Configuration page to toggle restriction for them.

6- Tap "Enable Restriction" to enable or disable restriction for the selected restricted apps.

7- Leave the app; it will run a task in background to protect the restricted apps.

8- When somebody runs a restricted app on your phone, the app will be blocked by Log in page of the parental control app. They have to enter the admin password to by pass log in page. Otherwise that will need to hit Home or Back buttons to move to home screen.

9- To remove restriction, run parental control app. Then log in with admin password. App will display configuration page, where you can disable restriction for all or individual apps.